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Done In-House by Our Employees

“A quality steel building begins with the creativity and skill of experienced engineers. It’s the part of the process that most customers don’t get to see, but it’s the part of the process that’s most important.”

– John Carr, Head Engineer.

In engineering, we know how important accuracy and precision are, which is why 100% of it is done in-house. Our team of experienced engineers is essential in ensuring your build is durable and easy to erect, all while looking great. Their expertise spans beyond the fundamentals of engineering – with creative solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations.​


By choosing Metal Material Direct for your building needs, you’ll directly benefit from our engineering in-house. This allows for faster turnaround times on stamped engineering drawings, and a direct line of communication between you and your designer throughout the process.

Engineering Process



Approval Drawings

Approval drawings typically serve as the first step in creating a steel building. Once a project engineer conducts an initial assessment, our drafting department creates a set of building drawings for the customer's evaluation. These plans are then shared with the customer for their approval and/or any desired mark-ups.


Permit Drawings

Once approval drawings have been accepted, our detailing and drafting team proceeds on developing a comprehensive set of construction and permit drawings. These drawing sets will undergo a rigorous review and approval process by your project engineer, before being submitted to the detailing department.

Additionally, the entire drawing package will be signed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer in-house. Once compliance with any regulations is verified, original documents will be sent to you and/or your designated agent.


Shop Drawings

Upon granting Metal Material Direct authorization for fabrication and delivery, the head of our engineering department takes charge. They assign a detailer and a checker to generate the shop drawings exclusively intended for use at the factory.

The detailer creates comprehensive exploded views of each component of the steel building that necessitates fabrication. Additionally, detailed material lists and the necessary shipping documents essential for on-site inventory management during the delivery process are generated.

The project then progresses to a supervisor, who conducts an inspection of the documents to ensure accuracy. Once this inspection is successfully completed, the project proceeds to the fabrication stage at our factory. Following fabrication, the steel building is promptly shipped to the designated jobsite for assembly.

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