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The mention of Building Permits can cause fear and frustration in both homeowners and business owners alike. At Metal Material Direct, we understand that the process of obtaining permits can be anxiety-inducing. It can actually be a very straightforward procedure, and we’ll be there to help you out in the process.

A building permit is essentially an approval from your local government agency – allowing you to go ahead with a construction project on your property. The building permit process specifically addresses your builds’ structural integrity, zoning, sewer and sanitation, water lines, fire protection, and electrical work. The process time for permits varies depending on the geographical location, type of permit requested, type of work to be done, complexity of the plan, and the workload in the permit office. While some permits are issued immediately by the inspector, others requiring a plan review may take 1-30 days.

Creating a Metal Building Checklist:

1 / Contact Local Building Authority

Reach out to your local Building Authority to obtain information regarding the zoning regulations applicable to your property. For counties and towns with larger populations, there may be online resources, such as maps or search features, that can assist in determining the zoning status of your property. You may need to visit the Building Authority in person for this information.

2 / Verify Proper Zoning

In residentially zoned areas, secondary structures like detached garages, shops, and pleasure barns/arenas are typically permitted. It is important to verify that your property is correctly zoned for your intended project. During this process, it is recommended to inquire about the setback requirements specific to your property. This information is often available online and will help determine the permissible distance between your building and the property line. Understanding these setback requirements is crucial in determining the overall size, dimensions, and optimal location for your metal building.

3 / Applying for Your Metal Building Permit

The Building Department is able to provide you with a list of your required items to apply for permits. Here is an example of a typical list of documents needed for the construction of a pre-engineered metal building:

  1. Permit Application

  2. Site Plan of Your Build

  3. Exterior Elevations, Framing Plans, and Building Details

  4. Foundation Plan

  5. Miscellaneous (Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)

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