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Conventional Red Iron or Cold Formed

We can make conventional just about any red iron or cold formed conventional configuration. Send us your site plan and we can quote from long even rows of covered storage to fully enclosed with the most complex designs. You can even send us the google map view of your space and we can help with planning.

A simpler and more cost effective way to build

75 KSI Steel with a galvanized or powder coated finish. 4.75" from flat side to flat side 

With 20-40% lower cost, Simple installation and long-lasting material, our Octagon Building System allows you to take control over your time and price.

End Bracket

Designed for two-piece T Connections

C-B Bracket

Designed for three piece T Connections

Main Bracket

Designed for perpendicular Pipe Connections

Angle Bracket

Designed for angle braces. Compatible with Main and End Brackets

We offer architecture, engineering, material and delivery all at a great price. For enclosed boat and RV storage, self-storage solutions and more!
From planning through opening day, we'd like to help you find the best bang for your buck.


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